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Daiell: Federal Shutdown

By Jeff Daiell

There has never been -- even after the burning of Washington during the War of 1812 -- a "shutdown" of the Federal Government. What happened a several years ago was, and what would have happened if a deal had not been reached a few days later would have been, at most, a "narrowdown".  

Some Federal agencies sent home some employees for no more than 13 days (days for which many were later paid); at no time were even 1 in 5 sent home. But the bipartisan war machine kept going; the bipartisan repression apparatus continued to hum; the bipartisan aggrandizement of Big Business missed nary a beat.  

Calling such an event a "shutdown" is no more sensible than referring to a hand grenade explosion as "Hiroshimaesque".

Jeff Daiell is proprietor of Jeff Daiell Communications. The firm offers speaking, writing, editing, and Master of Ceremonies services, as well as representation (not in the sense of an attorney) and political consulting.

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