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Daiell: One Fine Day at the Grocery Store

By Jeff Daiell

This morning I went to the grocery store. In front there was a table. Behind the table were a representative from Coca-Cola, a representative from Pepsi-Cola, and a representative from Dr. Pepper. A poll was being conducted, and I was asked which of the three I preferred.

I replied, “Dr. Pepper”, and the representative from Coca-Cola snapped, “A vote for Dr. Pepper is a vote for Pepsi”, while the representative from Pepsi-Cola snarled, “A vote for Dr. Pepper is a vote for Coke”. Then they added, in unison, “This poll is too important for the luxury of voting honestly!”

I smiled, voted for Dr. Pepper, and continued my day.

            Jeff Daiell is Proprietor of Jeff Daiell Communications.  His novel, From Roundheel To Revolutionary, is available, in e-format, from Amazon. He tells us it would make a great holiday gift for your politically-involved friends.

Photo by  JEEPERSMEDIA (CC by 2.0)

Photo by JEEPERSMEDIA (CC by 2.0)

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