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In June of 2016, local businessmen Tom Warren II and Thomas Warren III launched The Amarillo Pioneer. The Warrens decided to launch the publication due to a lack of integrity in local media. Within months of launching The Amarillo Pioneer, the publication boomed with thousands of daily readers.

Today, The Amarillo Pioneer has interviewed a candidate for President of the United States, members of the Texas Supreme Court, local activists, education leaders, business owners, and many other people who make our community thrive.

In doing all of this, The Pioneer has remained committed to providing local news and honest journalism, all while staying free of charge.


Pioneer Contributors:

Tom Warren II, Publisher

Thomas Warren III, Editor-In-Chief,

Trent Rosser, Columnist

Noah Dawson, Columist

Other Staff and Contributors

Delene Warren, Assistant Editor

Jerri Glover, Guest Columnist

Len Walker, Guest Columnist