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Daiell: Universal Compassion

By Jeff Daiell

I recognize that most rank-and-file Federal employees believe that they are performing work beneficial to the general public. For that reason, yes, I feel compassion for those who had their paychecks postponed during the recent narrow-down of the central government.

I also recognize that virtually every Federal program and agency exists at the behest of the large corporations which bankroll the politicians who created those agencies and programs: either to channel the economy toward plutocracy or to pacify, via the modern equivalent of bread and circuses, the taxpayers being folded, stapled, spindled, and mutilated in the process of plutocratization.

So I also have compassion for those lower-income taxpayers who find it hard to pay their bills, buy diapers, visit a physician, and feed their families due to taxes.

Sadly, not one comment I’ve seen lamenting the plight of the furloughed Federal employees has also expressed any concern at all for the private-sector individuals also going through hard times.

Jeff Daiell is proprietor of Jeff Daiell Communications.  His novel, From Roundheel To Revolutionary, is available in e-format on Amazon.

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