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One Time in Amarillo: Restaurant Gets Air Conditioner, Is Hailed as "Coolest Place to Dine" (1936)

In August of 1936, an Amarillo restaurant obtained an air conditioner and patrons from around Amarillo dined in the "coolest place" in all of town.

According to museum archives, the Mexican Inn, which sat at 322 West Sixth Avenue, equipped itself with one of the "finest" air conditioners in Amarillo. The temperature inside of the restaurant was a steady 70 degrees for all patrons who walked through the its doors.

The air conditioner worked on a process of air being pushed through a network while water was sprayed to cool it. The Mexican Inn's air conditioner was inspired by the air conditioners of "the better theaters" in the country, according to records from the restaurant's general manager, Terry Lomax.

The air conditioner was one of two major innovations launched by the restaurant in August of 1936. Miguel Araizo, a famous chef from Mexico City, was brought in as the head chef of the restaurant. Araizo was hailed as one of the "best chefs in the United States in the preparation of Mexican dishes."

Today, the former home of the Mexican Inn serves as a parking lot for Lupita's Mexican Restaurant in downtown Amarillo.

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