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One Time in Amarillo: Anti-Gas Medication Sets Off Local Buzz (1936)

In 1936, a media buzz hit Amarillo after a well-known local resident proclaimed to be relieved of long-time gas pains after receiving a medication from a local pharmacy.

John Q. Bost, a resident of Arthur Street, was a well known local man who has complained to neighbors for years about gas pains. In August of 1936, Bost wrote a letter to a local newspaper saying that his gas pains had been relieved by a new medication that he had picked up from Fox Drug Company inside of the Oliver-Eakle Building.

Bost said that for ten years he had "dreadful" bloating and "smothering spells" before discovering the medication.

"I could not get a good night's sleep and was a complete health wreck I could hardly get around at all," Bost wrote in his letter. Bost later wrote that in his letter that it was not until he tried Gly-Gas that he felt any relief.

The 83-year-old wrote that there was never a medicine that had the "ability" of Gly-Gas. Bost also wrote that his wife's high blood pressure was also cured by the medication.

Bost's letter set of a frenzy as local residents attempted to see if Gly-Gas would relieve their pains. Fox Drug Company sold the medication for $5 a bottle after the strong feedback from Bost's letter.

Photo by Flickr

Photo by Flickr

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