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Where Are The Next Locations for Amarillo Red Light Cameras? City Presentation Leaves Clues

The Amarillo City Council voted unanimously this week to approve renewing the City of Amarillo's contract for red light cameras and to add more red light cameras at various intersections approved by a subcommittee.

While the exact locations of the red light cameras that will be added are unknown, there are some clues left by a presentation from City staff. The City of Amarillo's Traffic Field Operations unit recommended that the City install new red light cameras at Coulter and Hillside, Georgia and 26th Avenue, and Western and 45th Avenue. The City staff also made a recommendation to eliminate the cameras at Coulter and Elmhurst and Pierce and 11th Avenue.

While there were no further recommendations, a list of high traffic intersections was given by City staff to members of the City Council. Here are some of the intersections that were listed by City staff:

  • South Georgia and Wolflin

  • South Georgia and SW 34th Avenue

  • South Western and Paramount

  • South Buchanan and SW 3rd Avenue

  • South Georgia and SW 26th Avenue

  • South Coulter and SW 45th Avenue

  • North Grand and East Amarillo Boulevard

  • South Bell and Plains

  • South Western and SW 45th Avenue

  • South Coulter and Hillside

  • South Western and I-40

  • South Grand and I-40

  • South Georgia and I-40

These locations are not yet official as locations for new red light cameras but they will be suggested to the Citizens Advisory Committee. The committee will be appointed by the Amarillo City Council and the Traffic Advisory Board to determine new locations for the cameras.

It is not clear how a person can go about being placed on the subcommittee.

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