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One Time in Amarillo: Banker Tells Nation of Riches of Amarillo (1927)

On December 27, 1927, Wiley Holder Fuqua, president of the First National Bank of Amarillo, spoke to the nation over the radio about the riches of the Texas Panhandle.

Fuqua, a well-known local banker, appeared on national radio in December of 1927 to tell the country about the riches to be found within the Texas Panhandle. Fuqua spoke from the Amarillo KGRS radio station and told the nation that Amarillo is the best undeveloped region in the country. According to Fuqua, if Amarillo was to fail in the markets of small grains, which was unlikely, then Amarillo would make up for any losses in the markets of cattle and hens. Fuqua also lauded the strength of Amarillo soil and banking, as well as the low costs of agricultural production.

"The five Amarillo banks have deposits ranging from 23 to 25 million dollars and not a dollar borrowed from the Federal Reserve," Fuqua said on the radio. "The farmer here can do as much to help the banker as the banker can to help the banker by increasing the productivity of farms."

Those who were interested in moving to Amarillo for development were asked to send letters to KGRS in Amarillo. To all those who sent in requests, the Amarillo Board of City Development sent information about Amarillo.

This was one of many times that W.H. Fuqua was influential in promoting Amarillo to the nation as a place for development and agricultural economy.

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