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Fire in Northwest Amarillo Causes Damage

A fire in Northwest Amarillo caused approximately $13,000 in damage this morning.

The Amarillo Fire Department released information stating that a fire at 2017 NW 19th caused the damage this morning. According to AFD, the alarm for the fire rang at 6:36am. Firefighters arrived on scene at 6:41am and went to work extinguishing the fire.

Firefighters knocked down the front door and entered the home to extinguish the fire. The fire was brought under control at 7:04am

When officers arrived, they found the occupant of the single-story home attempting to fight the fire. He said that he had been across the street and heard the sirens and saw smoke coming from his house.

The Fire Marshall's Office has determined the source of the fire to be from the living room. The fire has been ruled accidental due to an unattended warming fire.

Damages have been estimated at about $13,000.

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