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Damages from Taylor Furniture Fire Estimated at $500,000

The Amarillo Fire Department has announced that a weekend fire at the Taylor Furniture Gallery caused $500,000 in damages.

On Sunday morning, firefighters responded to a fire at Taylor's Furniture Gallery (5559 S. Western). The business was closed and firefighters forced entry into the building eliminating the fire on the first floor. Crews determined that there was also a fire on the second story of the building, which was inaccessible. The fire had destroyed the only stairway that led to the second floor. The fire then damaged the roof of the building to the point where it had begun falling in.

Fire crews called the fire under control at 3:57pm. The Amarillo Fire Marshall has determined that the fire originated from the second story of the building and the cause of the fire is undetermined.

Total damages for the fire have been estimated at $500,000.


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