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Local Historian Reins Talks Preservation

In 2017, technology users have many new tools at their fingertips to create and save content. Many of these tools can also be used for the cause of historic preservation.

Local historian Dusty Reins sat down with the Amarillo Pioneer today to talk about how history can be preserved with the use of new technology.

Q: How can people archive history today?

Reins: Whip that cell phone out of your pocket and use its capture feature. Nothing captures first hand history better than video. Take steps to ensure it can be duplicated and then passed around to those who need it (family, friends, etc.). I am banking on Facebook and Youtube being around for a long time but that isn't guaranteed. So once you capture, make your own copies.

Q: How do you currently preserve history?

Reins: If it is a historic moment, capture it with a video camera. I capture video and then take steps to make it last. That way it can be used for research by future historians.

Q: Tell us about some of the history you have preserved.

Reins: I capture contemporary events of significance. It's like how I captured the dedication of the Rick Husband statue at the Amarillo airport. My videos have been archived to the appropriate places such as county museums, research centers and other museums. If anyone has any local history, I would suggest bringing it to the Amarillo Historical Museum so local history can be archived. The more places that history is held, the less chance there is of it being lost forever.

To see Dusty's historical archives on video, go to or

Photo by Dusty Reins

Photo by Dusty Reins

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