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Cruz, Jones Introduce School Safety Bill

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) joined with Alabama Democrat Doug Jones to introduce a bill this week aimed to improve school safety.

On Tuesday, Cruz issued a statement from his office detailing the School Security Enhancement Act. The bill, if passed, would enable grants to be issued to local communities to fund school safety technology and infrastructure improvements, Cruz’s office said.

“By expanding the use of these SSAE grants, schools will be equipped with additional resources to prevent further tragedies from taking place, and ensure education officials and community leaders can choose the safety infrastructure or technologies that work best within the context of the school's learning environment,” Cruz said.

Cruz’s office went on to say the bill would do the following

  • Control access to school premises or facilities, through the use of technology or infrastructure with evidence-based effectiveness;

  • Protect and conceal students within the school during crisis situations;

  • Provide trained school safety officers to protect school personnel and students;

  • Install technologies to provide prompt notification to relevant law enforcement and first responders during such a situation;

  • Provide school safety reinforcement, including bullet-resistant doors and windows;

  • Install any technology or system that would reduce the time needed to disseminate official information to parents regarding the safety of their children during and immediately following a crisis.

The funding from the bill would not be used to arm teachers, according to a press release.

Cruz/Photo by Campaign

Cruz/Photo by Campaign

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