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Cruz Backs Space Force

Senator Ted Cruz issued a statement on Tuesday, praising a report that called for the creation of a national Space Force.

According to Senator Cruz’s office, the Texan praised a report issued by the Defense Intelligence Agency. Cruz called the report “timely” and “clear-eyed” in a statement, and urged the federal government to act on President Trump’s calls to create a national Space Force.

“The Defense Intelligence Agency’s report is a timely, clear-eyed, and accessible assessment of the national security threats we face in space from rivals such as China and Russia, and from outright enemies such as Iran and North Korea,” Cruz said. “The investments those rivals are making in space capabilities demand our immediate attention. That is why last year I introduced legislation advancing preparation for establishing a Space Force, and I applaud the president’s leadership on this critical issue.”

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Cruz/Photo by Campaign

Cruz/Photo by Campaign

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