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Abbott Pitches Gun Law Changes, School Safety Measures

Governor Greg Abbott pitched changes to Texas' gun laws and increased school safety measures during a press conference on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Abbott unrolled a 40-page plan that includes proposed changes meant to increase safety at Texas public schools and crack down on some gun laws. Abbott's major plans include "eventually" making a mental health screening program through Texas Tech University a statewide program, which would carry a price tag of about $20 million. According to the Texas Tribune, this program is currently operational in ten school districts.

Additionally, Abbott called for an expansion of the School Marshal Program. The program allows access for school districts to arm some personnel. Abbott stated that he would not support making the program mandatory, but would like to see routes opened for the State to pay for training involved with the program.

On the gun law front, Abbott called for raising the age of liability for minors who access firearms owned by parents. Currently, those 17 years or older are not covered under that law, but Governor Abbott is suggesting raising the age to include 17-year-olds.

Abbott also stated that he is not opposed to calling a special session of the Texas Legislature to address issues related to school safety and gun laws.

To see Abbott's full plan, please visit

Photo by KTRK

Photo by KTRK

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