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Randall Republicans Adopt Tax Reform Resolution

The Randall County Republican Party executive committee is wading into the debate over tax reform in Texas.

On Thursday night, sources say the county’s executive committee adopted a resolution calling for the passage of property tax reform legislation in Texas. Sources say the resolution was adopted with no objection.

Andrew Holley, one of the party’s precinct chairs, says he supported the resolution due to his desire to see the will of Republican voters come to fruition.

“Every level of the party from the primary voters to the people who help craft the platform have expressed their desires for the items enshrined in the Texas Republican Legislative Priorities to pass in the legislature,” Holley said in a statement. “A good example is Property Tax Reform. On the 2018 Republican primary 93% of voters indicated that property tax should be capped and over 2/3rds indicated that the legislature should work toward replacing property tax. HB2 and SB2, both which reduced and rename the current rollback rate from 8% to 2.5%, have both stalled in their respective bodies. I would encourage individuals to contact their representatives and express your desire for the passage of HB2/SB2 and the other Texas Republican Legislative priorities.”

The vote comes as the debate over tax reform continues in the state. Currently, lawmakers are proposing capping new revenue at 2.5 percent without voter approval, down from the 8 percent cap currently imposed. If passed, voters will have to approve the tax increase if the revenue generated goes beyond 2.5 percent.

Randall Republicans/Photo by Campaign

Randall Republicans/Photo by Campaign

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