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Potter, Randall Post Big Numbers Through Early Voting

51,963. That’s the number of ballots cast during early voting in Potter and Randall Counties.

On Friday, the final day of early voting rolled around, providing voters with their last chance to make it to the polls before Tuesday’s election day. In Randall County, voters showed up for the second biggest day of early voting, posting about 3,800 votes. In total, a little over 33,000 ballots were cast in-person in the county through the final day of early voting.

Meanwhile, in Potter County, it was also the second biggest day of early voting. 1,692 voters made it to the ballot box on Friday, totaling for about 13,759 votes cast in-person through the final day of early voting.

These big numbers also are in-line with high numbers from across the state. Around 4.9 million voters have already cast ballots in Texas, accounting for 39.9 percent voter turnout, according to the Texas Tribune. These numbers are the highest in several election cycles, even outpacing the early turnout in the 2012 presidential election.

Photo by Custom Signs

Photo by Custom Signs

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