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Editorial: A Thank You and a Call to Action

There is a lot that can be said about the November 2018 election. Speculation has continued for months, but on Tuesday night, all of the grandstanding will be over. The votes will be tallied, somebody will win, and somebody will lose. But, there’s still a lot to consider in the final hours of the November election.

First, I would like to offer a sincere ‘thank you’ to all of the candidates who signed up to run this year. Whether you ran as a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, independent or something else, you have made this election possible. Without more than one candidate on the ballot, there would be no options. In several races, only two candidates will be appearing on the ballot, meaning these candidates decided to step up and give voters a choice. There’s not a whole lot more you can ask for from candidates.

Our gratitude should also be shown to the volunteers, party chairs and others who have worked their tails off making this election possible. I have spoken several times with Steve Land and Terry Harman, two local party chairs, and have heard about the insane amount of work they have put in on this campaign. At the same time, talking to volunteers for candidates representing all three parties show just how committed Texans are this year to ensuring voters will make informed choices this year.

But, while the part of the candidates are about done, it’s now the voters’ turn. If you are registered to vote, please show up and vote tomorrow. Don’t blindly punch the button for a candidate. Do your research and make sure you pick the best candidates possible for your community. Regardless of your party affiliation, please get informed and make your vote an informed one this year. If you would like any information on the candidates, please visit

Finally, as this election wraps up, I have a request of every person reading this article. Don’t unplug from news and politics. We have an important election coming up in May, where we will choose a new mayor and City Council, not to mention the school boards and college boards. If you have been inspired by a candidate or issue, and you truly care about your community, consider making the leap to become a candidate. Our government will never improve unless principled outsiders are willing to stand up and make a difference. That person might just be you.

So, please, vote tomorrow and make a difference. Amarillo is depending on you.

-Thomas Warren III, Editor-in-Chief

Photo by Delmarva Public Radio

Photo by Delmarva Public Radio

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