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Editorial: Make a Plan to Vote

If you’re a registered voter, please don’t sit this election out.

On Monday, early voting began in the Lone Star State. Reports from across the state say turnout is smashing the numbers posted on similar days in previous years. This increased turnout is great, but your work is not done yet.

Every registered voter in Amarillo should make a plan to visit the polls this election year. While the races for the U.S. Senate, governor and more may not be as sexy as a presidential election, the races on this year’s ballot carry just as much weight. Voters will decide which party controls the House of Representatives and the United States Senate, as well as who will be the top executives in Texas over the next four to six years.

Whether you plan to vote Republican, Democrat or Libertarian, this election is too important to pass up. Please, if you are registered, make a plan to vote this November. Your voice matters and you can have a big impact on this election.

-Thomas Warren III, Editor-in-Chief

Photo by Custom Signs

Photo by Custom Signs

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