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McKennon: Consider Liberty This Thanksgiving

By Kerry D. McKennon

The liberty to celebrate as one chooses is important at Thanksgiving and throughout the year.  We give thanks for all of our blessings. And for many Americans, the holiday is a time of celebration and seen as purely American. But in reality, it goes back to the times of man celebrating the harvest. The history of Thanksgiving is not so black and white. Yet, many American come together to remember and give thanks on a Thursday in November each year.

Mourning those we lost in the past hits home for so many. Some due to the force of the state or an individual, others to natural causes. Many mourn that so many Americans are incarcerated due to the consumption of a plant. The Native Americans mourn due to massacres from settlers of the New World.

However, I have hope that we are moving back towards Liberty as a country and people, that we will ask forgiveness for the hurt we have caused and celebrate the good.  I have hope that individuals are starting to wake up to the control from the state and begin to fight back. I feel relief that we stand up to bigotry and hate today that in the past has torn us apart. I give thanks for those activist and advocates that fight the good fight. I am so grateful that we have religious freedom to practice or not as we choose. I look forward to the time that it is not a crime if there is no victim.  Because as long as no one is harmed one should have the Liberty to do as they choose. I am ever so happy that I can still defend myself by any means necessary for survival. And I hope that on Thanksgiving we all celebrate our Liberty that defines us so.

Thanksgiving will always be a time we cherish for the memories of family. So as you stuff yourself remember that you are enjoying the Liberty to do so as you choose. But also think about those who wish they could. Or those that wanted to be left alone in their freedom and the government had other notions. Think on how this celebration of thanks and blessings is also a time of mourning for many. And after Thanksgiving food, football and family has come and gone another year, I challenge each of you to fight for the Liberty that is so precious to each of us, and often denied to many because of the state.



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