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Walker: Thanksgiving Disasters Don't Matter

By Len Walker

Even if the meal ends up a total failure due to a poor spousal turkey purchasing decision, Thanksgiving will always be a top shelf, best of ten, holiday.  Let's say, oh, I don't know, maybe the fallback position of getting a terrible smoked turkey breast from a prized meat market also fails, will you get passed that?  Of course, Thanksgiving is still going to be better than the other top tier holidays.

Let's explore this a little further.  Is it possible to overcome a unified family decision that bans you from making the dressing for five years?  Was that sinus infection your fault?  Is it even possible to put too much sage in the dressing?  Is it, because I'm not convinced.  Apparently, other people think so, but before you knew it, 2003 came and passed.  All forgiven.

How about those awkward moments when some menu items are up for grabs.  You know, that point where you look at the other family members who are wondering the same thing.  Each of you carefully avoiding eye contact, but someone has to commit.  Sure, it would be great if someone would just ask, but, nothing.  Just as you start to make an offer, someone has to comment about deviled eggs have too much garlic or Tabasco at some recent event, and you carefully back off.  Too much Tabasco?  That is always up for debate.

We all go through these moments.  Even if we carried out our threat to open a restaurant called "Thanksgiving", I'm sure at some point an extra shake or ten of sage could happen.  I'm also sure the same is true at your house. One too many glasses of wine at 10:00 in the morning while making sweet potatoes?  Sure, you've done that.  

We all talk about the rich calorie laden goodness of holiday food, especially Thanksgiving, but in the end, after our naps, what we all really appreciate is the gathering itself.  Your kids bring their kids, and sometimes everyone lands at grandma's house.  People come in from studying at college.  They fly in from the coast or drive up from Canyon.  Is it your turn to hit the road this year?  In ten thousand different ways along multiple paths, everyone makes their way home.  What we truly look forward to is the company of our friends, our family.

At our house this year, we will send up a prayer for each and every one of you.  We will send prayers out to our armed forces, family that could not make it, and for friends that have long since passed.  I would encourage each of you to think of those less fortunate.  The folks out there that won't have a chance to argue about gravy, and we could all do more throughout the year for them.  I try to, but I could always do more.  So, be grateful and enjoy your time together, because, it is a time for all of us to give thanks.

Our entire family wishes you the very best for Thanksgiving 2018.

Walker/Len Walker Law Office

Walker/Len Walker Law Office

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