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Roberts: Look for Hope, Prosperity and Compassion This Thanksgiving

By Benjamin Roberts

Growing up in my native home of Louisiana, it was times like these that our home and community elevated their spirit of thankfulness and shared throughout the area. To say thanks, one is actually saying, ‘I appreciate what has been given to me, large or small.’

As we enter the Thanksgiving season, it should move us to share with others. Be a blessing to anyone. Many families and individuals will not have the privilege of a warm home, food and loved ones to fellowship with. There are single mothers who have the great responsibility of feeding their children. We have seniors, homeless and handicap who depend on the service of others.

We are blessed to live in a country where we can look through lenses of hope, prosperity and compassion for an opportunity to serve our fellow man. Therefore, we give our love, support and hands to lead the downtrodden, helpless and homeless. We give our hearts to aid those who are heartbroken with disappointment and desertion.

So, on this Thanksgiving Day, we give thanks and we give!

Photo by Pursuit of Mindfulness

Photo by Pursuit of Mindfulness

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