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Breaking Down the (Possible) Amarillo Team Names

After extended controversy and curiosity, the day has almost arrived.

On Tuesday, sports fans in Amarillo will find out what the minor league baseball team will be named. Set to begin play in April 2019, in the newly-built, tax-funded downtown baseball park, the team’s name has yet to be revealed. The road to the team’s name has sparked controversy and those in the Amarillo community were concerned with the first batch of finalists were announced, with a chorus of citizens, including ex-City officials, calling for new names to be announced.

But, as the day has nearly arrived, it seems clearer that one of the five original finalists, or some variation of the finalist names, will be selected as the official team name. Here is a look at the possible names, the meaning behind the names, and any details relating to whether the name is ready to go.

1.) Sod Poodles

Perhaps the name that invoked the most sighs from Amarillo sports fans, the Sod Poodles option has also gained a cult following, with t-shirts, logos, stickers and more already in production. On Twitter, @SodPoodles has been claimed, and a U.S. Trademark filing was made on June 5th by Panhandle Baseball Club, Inc. was also purchased on May 25th, with also being purchased on the same day. The finalists were unveiled on May 30th. The Sod Poodles trademark has not been published for opposition.

2.) Bronc Busters

The Bronc Busters were announced on May 30th as one of the five finalists in the contest. Amarillo Pro Baseball says the name recognizes Amarillo’s “resilient, independent spirit.” was purchased on May 25th, with two separate trademark filings for the name coming on June 5th and publication for opposition coming on November 6th. The @BroncBusters name has not yet been claimed on Twitter.

3.) Jerky

One of the more bizarre names in the contest, team officials say this name was meant to recognize cattle drives through the Panhandle. was claimed on May 25th, with the name being filed for a trademark on June 5th, and being published for opposition on November 6th. @Amarillojerky has been claimed on Twitter.

4.) Boot Scooters

Calling back to the hit Brooks & Dunn song, this name is meant to recognize Amarillo’s “genuine welcoming attitude with its fun western heritage.” Trademarks were filed on June 5th and have not yet been published for opposition. has been purchased.

5.) Long Haulers

KVII-TV said this name was a favorite of local sports fans, which officials say recognizes “Amarillo’s famous Route 66, open roads, wind-bent trees, and the fun of Minor League Baseball.” This name was trademarked on June 5th and published for opposition on November 13th.

6.) Sod Dogs/Soddies

This name was not selected as a finalist when the team names were announced, but trademark filings appear to indicate the name has been reserved by Amarillo Professional Baseball. Trademark filings on August 20th reserved the name “Soddies,” being published for opposition on November 6th. Sod Dogs was trademarked on September 4th, but has not yet been published for opposition.

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