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"Give a Homeless Person a Drink of Water": YCCO's Rudd Camps This Week

Kit Rudd, the vice president of Yellow City Community Outreach, is back on the street this week, raising awareness for area homeless.

Rudd, who also spent a week in 2016 on the street, is spending time with area homeless to raise awareness to issues facing our community. Rudd says that last year's event was so successful that the organization decided to make this week its 2nd annual week on the street.

"The main thing is to raise awareness. We were successful last year, so this is something we should be doing every year." Rudd said.

Rudd said that his main goal for 2017 is raising awareness to issues that people don't think about such as water, housing and air conditioning.

"It's like water in the summertime. A lot of people don't think of water being so crucial but try going with out it," Rudd said, "It's hot. Most people have an air conditioner so most people have relief. The homeless don't. This is a point of awareness for me. The heat is just as deadly as the cold."

In the end, Rudd's main objective is to highlight the necessity of housing.

"We can take care of the housing so easily. I just want to show people how badly we need a place for people to go." Rudd said.

The self-proclaimed outlaw praised the community for its support and specifically named two members of the City of Amarillo's staff as being a crucial part of this year's success.

"James Allen has been working with us so good and Kevin Starbuck. They're hearts are as big as ours. They want this to work too." 

If you are interested in helping Kit Rudd with his mission this week, you can call Rudd at (806) 433-3678 or contact YCCO on Facebook.

If you would still like to help out but cannot make it out to support Rudd, the outlaw says that there is another way.

"Give a homeless person a drink of water," Rudd says, "It's hot out here."


Photo by Thomas Warren III

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