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Governor Signs Canadian River Weapons Bill

Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill yesterday that relates to the discharge of firearms at the Canadian River.

House Bill 1771, authored by Representative Four Price, places restrictions on the discharge of firearms on the bank of the Canadian River. The bill will affect the segment of the Canadian River from the intersection of U.S. Highways 287 and 87 to a point 1.2 miles west of the intersection or to a point 1.5 miles east of the intersection.

Under Price's bill, the discharge of any firearms or the firing of an arrow will be prohibited. This does not include the discharge of a shotgun that releases only shot when discharged or an individual acting as a peace officer or department employee.

The bill will have no effect on those carrying a licensed concealed handgun.

In the House of Representatives, the bill passed 137-7. In the Senate, the bill passed 25-6.

With Governor Abbott's signature, the law will take effect on September 1st.

Photo by NBC News

Photo by NBC News

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