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Texas Senate Backs Straight-Ticket Ban

The Texas Senate has approved a bill that would ban straight-ticket voting from Texas elections.

The Texas Senate voted 20-10 today to pass House Bill 25. House Bill 25, if signed into law, will officially eliminate straight-ticket voting in Texas races. This means that Texas voters would no longer be able to make one mark on their ballot to vote for all candidates that fall under a certain party banner.

Around 40 other states have banned the practice of straight-ticket voting. Proponents of the bill said that the bill would bring Texas into line with these states. Opponents of the bill said that the bill would have an unfair impact on minority voters.

The bill is now set for a second reading in the Senate. If it passes there, the House will then vote on any changes by the Senate. If the bill passed at that point, it would then head for Governor Greg Abbott's desk.

The Senate's second reading of the bill is slated for Thursday.

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