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Cornyn Blasts Proposed Green New Deal

Senator John Cornyn took aim at the proposed Green New Deal in a statement released this week.

On Wednesday, Cornyn and the Texas Public Policy Foundation unveiled a study on the Green New Deal, titled “The Cost of the Green New Deal” to Texas. The study, Cornyn’s office reports, finds that the average annual electricity cost for Texas households would rise to about $14,000.

“When someone proposes an idea like the Green New Deal that will reorder the world,” Cornyn said. “It’s important to ask the right questions, like is it feasible? How much would it cost? What would it do to the jobs of the men and women who work at places like this? What we’ve learned here at Sunbelt Steel is it would put them out of business, and for what? There are a lot better ways for us to deal with our concerns about the environment: through innovation, entrepreneurs, smart people coming up with smart solutions to problems.”

For details, please visit Cornyn.Senate.Gov.

Cornyn speaks at a rally/Photo by Cornyn Campaign

Cornyn speaks at a rally/Photo by Cornyn Campaign

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