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Cornyn, Cruz Vote Against Green New Deal Resolution

U.S. Senators voted down a resolution backing the “Green New Deal” on Tuesday, with both of Texas’ U.S. Senators voting against the proposal.

On Tuesday, Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, both Texas Republicans, voted against a cloture motion to proceed to S.J. Resolution 8. The move was notable, with 57 senators voting against the proposal, and none voting for the motion. 43 Senators, most of whom were Democrats, including a handful of 2020 presidential contenders, voted ‘present’ on the item, neither voting for or against the motion.

Following the vote, Cornyn issued a statement, calling the proposal “bad for Texans.”

“One big power grab by the federal government that ruins the economy, bankrupts us, and frankly doesn't really make things better is a bad deal for Texans,” Cornyn said.

The proposal for a “Green New Deal” has recently gained traction among some Democrats, led by those like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York. Wikipedia calls the proposal, a “proposed economic stimulus program in the United States that aims to address climate change and economic inequality.” While the plan has support from some Democrats, most Republicans and some Democrats have criticized the proposal, calling it “unaffordable” and “unrealistic.”

Cornyn (LEFT) with Cruz (RIGHT) during a campaign video  Photo by Cruz Campaign

Cornyn (LEFT) with Cruz (RIGHT) during a campaign video

Photo by Cruz Campaign

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