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Letter: Amarillo Matters to the Rescue?

By Lola Larimore

What a relief to have such an elite, exclusive, and monied group to assist the voters of Amarillo! Amarillo Matters has worked very hard to save the common voters much time.

Why should citizens need to spend any time studying the issues, talking with candidates, attending candidate forums and city meetings? Voters just need to check this PAC’s recommendations and vote accordingly; all the while being assured that they know what is best for Amarillo and only have Amarillo citizens’ best interests at heart. Everyday people no longer need to think for themselves! What a relief!

ALL people in Amarillo are not the sleeping, unthinking, compliant types who are looking for a cabal to lead the way! It is of no importance to me what Amarillo Matters thinks about any candidate or issue. They do not inform my vote! If anything, I am tempted to vote against their whole slate of candidates! When I vote, it will be according to my choices, not those of any person or group in town.

The stench of elitism, arrogance, and political corruption coming from the direction of Amarillo Matters is concerning. This is not healthy for any community. Power brokers gain strength as citizens give them credence. As for me, I choose to ignore their “wisdom” and think for myself.

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