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Rosser's Ramblings: Would You Like Used Fries With That?

By Trent Rosser

It is amazing what can happen in a split second. If you look down while driving, for even just a glimpse, there is that possibility of having a wreck. You could injure yourself or others. If you have kids, you turn away for just a split second and they have something in their mouth. It is usually a piece of a toy, but asking what it is and they take off like a bullet from a gun. Sometimes, you can catch something within a split second. You could look up and catch a falling star within a split second. Which usually makes you feel good. Sometimes you catch something within a split second and then notice it happens quite often. That happened to us recently.

My wife and I will go out to eat every now and then. Sometimes, we go to a restaurant and sometimes we go to a fast food restaurant. It seems to me, that some workers just don’t care any longer. A while back I went to one of the Burger Kings here in town. They were not busy so I went up to the counter and ordered two of the “Whoppers” with two orders of fries. I brought them home and pulled the burgers out of the bag. Mayonnaise was dripping off of both of their wrapping papers. There had to be half a cup of mayonnaise on each burger. It was more like a mayonnaise sandwich with just a little lettuce and pickles. We, of course, could not eat it. I took it back and the manager that I spoke with apologized and that was it. So we were out about $15 bucks. I understand that sometimes, things happen and mistakes are made. It happens to all of us. So needless to say, it was going to be awhile before we went back there, but eventually we did. Again, this was a mistake on our part. There were quite a bit busier this time and we were waiting in line to order. As we waited, we noticed a person come back up and he let them know that the chicken nuggets that he ordered were not cooked all the way through. They tried to explain that they were precooked and all they had to do was fry them. He told them that they were also cold. They took the nuggets and put them back under the heat lamp. They handed the man some fresh nuggets and he walked away. We watched in awe as the employees grabbed the nuggets and bagged them up and handed them to the person in the drive thru. This man had his hands all over the nuggets and they just served them to another customer. Needless to say, we left. We went to another Burger King and explained what we seen. They seemed concerned and called their boss to let them know. Again, I understand accidents happens, but this was too much. I was sure it was an isolated event. Again, I was wrong.

Also a while back my wife was wanting a big thick homemade juicy burger. Coyote Bluff has some great burgers, but we were wanting to try something new. So we took off to 6th Street to try a new place.

There are a few places there that has good food and we tried a place that we had never been before. This place was AWESOME!!  The service was great. We sat down and they took our order and in no time it was ready. Big thick juicy burgers with homemade fries. Like Burger King it wasn’t too busy the first time we went. There were a few people there and everyone was very friendly. It instantly became my favorite place.  So recently, we decided to go back. It was my turn to be craving a big thick juicy burger and I knew exactly what I wanted. We went back, and again, just like Burger King, it was a little busier. We sat down and waited, I finally had to get up to get our order of drinks. Unfortunately, there was only 1 waitress and she was swamp getting drinks and food orders. It seemed to be shift change because the other waitress was doing paperwork. When she was done, she immediately left, leaving the one waitress to take care of everyone. The waitress finally came, took our order and put it in the window. We watched as a lady came back with a chicken fried steak and complained that it was raw in the middle.. Sound familiar? As the minutes ticked by, we watched in awe as people kept bringing back their food saying different things. After nearly an hour of waiting, I too was starting to get frustrated. The cooks in the back kept having food bring back to them for different reasons. I almost felt bad for them, then it happened.  I was watching the window with the cooks and noticed that they had a burger and fries. The waitress picked it up and brought it to me. She said that they were almost done with my wife’s burger and she would bring it shortly. The meat was burnt to a crisp and the fries were not only cold, but hard as a rock! I did not touch anything and looked back to the window. Another customer just brought back some cheese fries. When the customer walked away, the cook dumped the fries in another basket, and put a burger in there as well. The waitress then picked up the basket and brought it to my wife. Again, the waitress was very busy so she did not even have time to ask if everything looked OK, or why I didn't even touch my burger.  My wife looked at the fries with half melted cheese at the bottom. She didn’t even order cheese fries. They just took another customers fries and tried to serve it to my wife!! I immediately got up, paid the $30 plus bill and we left.

We went a few block down the street and found another little place. I ended up with a very good burger there, but was very disappointed at what just happened. I really didn’t want to write about bad food at a restaurant, but I have noticed lately that things seem to just get worse. It is like no one cares any longer. I believe it like this at IHOP a few years ago and there was an outbreak of salmonella. IHOP has bounced back and now serves great food. It took many people getting sick for this to happen, so when is the next outbreak happen? The way people are just reusing food for other customers to consume.... I will be sooner than later.

Next time we are sticking with Coyote Bluff.



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