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Who is Covering Which Races? The Pioneer Process

Over the past few weeks, we have received lots of questions about the reporting and editing process for articles focusing on various campaigns. We wanted to help clear this up for our readers.

General articles regarding forums, fundraising, candidate events, basic election coverage, and more may be completed by any of the staff writers at the Pioneer. However, specific articles dealing with specific candidates, such as in-depth candidate profiles, will be completed by specific writers. Here is a brief rundown:

  • Mayor - covered by Trent Rosser

  • Place 1 - covered by Thomas Warren III

  • Place 2- covered by Noah Dawson

  • Place 3- covered by Noah Dawson

  • Place 4- covered by Thomas Warren III

Outside of basic election coverage, when specific profiles or interviews are to be had, these writers above will cover the respective races. An example includes January 15th’s article, “Herman Talks Domestic Violence Charges, Marriage,” which was an interview process facilitated by Thomas Warren III. Other candidates will also be asked about specific issues in in-depth profiles.

During this time, as well, a separate editing process has been undertaken for the race for City Council, Place 3. Due to any possible conflicts of interest, a separate editing process will take place for this race, which will essentially remove the traditional role of the publisher in that contest.

In-depth interviews in other races outside of basic coverage may be completed by any of the writers below.

We hope this helps address some of your questions as we head toward election day.

Best wishes,

Amarillo Pioneer Team

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