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Amarillo Pioneer Celebrating Three Year Anniversary

Three years ago today, the news in Amarillo got a new contender.

On June 20, 2016, the first edition of the Amarillo Pioneer was released to the public after about a month of work on everything from advertising sales, to networking, to staffing, to writing and editing. Since that time, hundreds of editions have been published and thousands of articles have been penned, covering the biggest events in Amarillo’s modern history.

The first edition of the Amarillo Pioneer was published with a headline story about the appointment process to replace then-City Councilman Brian Eades. At the time, the Amarillo City Council was battling over who should replace Eades, with each incumbent presenting ideas on how to accomplish the process.

On further pages of the Pioneer, some opinion pieces, a profile on local pastor Mark Phillips, articles about horned toad conservation, a Beach Boys concert, and hiring practices at City Hall filled the pages. Notably, the first edition also had just one advertiser - Raef’s Hardwood Flooring - which continues to be a great advertiser for the Pioneer to this very day.

With three years under the belt, where does the Pioneer go now?

“I can’t wait for even more years of journalism at the Pioneer,” editor Thomas Warren III said.

For the next three years and beyond, we are glad you are here and we hope to continue providing an independent perspective for many years to come.

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