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Noah's Remark: City Council Really, Really Hopes You Don't Vote

By Noah Dawson

Are you planning on voting this May? The incumbents are counting on you not. As I've written before, those in power love few things more than apathy. When election day comes, those in power hope you'll stay home, and that's never been more important in Amarillo than it is now.

Local elections tend to have very small turnouts, meaning even wide margins can be overcome, if the people show up. The current council has repeatedly referenced their wide election margins when defending their reckless actions. That needs to change.

Also, voting isn't the only thing to do this election cycle. There will be candidate forums, and the people of this city need to show up and ask the tough questions the incumbents want to avoid. Why did they lobby to protect their right to increase taxes? Why did they arrest a man for defending human rights? Why do they have a habit of misleading the people about basic facts.

This May is the best chance we the people have to hold the council accountable. They hope you'll sit this one out.

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