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Noah's Remark: The City Council isn't Simply Conservative or Liberal. They're Authoritarian.

By Noah Dawson

I've heard some controversy about my column from last week, and I wanted to make my stance on the issue as clear as possible. The actions of our current city council are not indicative of principled conservatives or principled liberals. They are indicative of authoritarians.

They have consistently limited the rights of the people in direct and indirect ways. They have taken actions which have worsened the lives of many of the people of our city, including those who are homeless. Advocates against these policies have been arrested. Alleged conflicts of interest have been at the forefront. The city, in my opinion, has repeatedly spread misleading and even outright false information. This week, several members of the council are in Austin, but instead of fighting for the rights of the people, they are fighting for their right to raise taxes.

This is about more than a difference of political opinion. This is about freedom versus those who have actively diminished it.

That's what makes this spring's election so important. I'm not usually a fan of hyperbolic statements about any particular election being more important than others, as it is admittedly often used to energize partisan crowds. But, in this case, if the incumbents somehow get reelected by wide margins, it will only serve to embolden their stances, proving to them that their actions don't have consequences.

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