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Noah's Remarks: Our City Council Continues to Make the Case Against Re-Election

By Noah Dawson

Earlier this week, several members of the city council attended an event at the Potter-Randall Democrat Club, and what they said at the event demonstrates why they do not deserve to be re-elected.

One of the most striking examples occurred regarding the topic of a no-kill shelter, where the mayor mischaracterized the entire discussion by saying that “It’s just not financially feasible at that level to operate a shelter with no euthanization.” Regardless of anyone's opinion on the subject, the fact remains that a no-kill shelter does not mean that there will be zero euthanizations. The Mayor's comments were also echoed by council member Hays. This is yet again another in a long string of misinformation being offered by City officials, a topic that has continuously plagued our city during the current council's term.

Even more worrying is that the mayor called for longer, staggered city council terms, where she likened the power of the people to vote out incumbents to “flip[ping] the whole boat again.” Our current city council has proven to me that they do not deserve two more years in power, let alone the four that the mayor advocated for.

This May, vote for who you think will be the best candidate. And, as Amarillo Pioneer editor Thomas Warren III pointed out yesterday in his editorial “'Vote Splitting' and Runoffs,” you should not let your vote be swung by those who warn of vote splitting, as our election system does have runoffs.

Photo by KSUT

Photo by KSUT

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