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Letter: Stop Stealing Beto O'Rourke Yard Signs

The following letter was submitted for publication by Carole McDaniel.

I find it quite disappointing that people are stooping low and stealing Beto signs out of yards. How childish and disrespectful. It is too bad that here in Amarillo there seems to be such intolerance for folks who do not tow the Republican line. We all have a right to our opinions/beliefs. Just because you do not agree does not give you the right to steal our property.  What good do you think that does?  Do you think it is going to change a vote from Beto to Cruz?  Actually, what you are doing is creating more donations for Beto. Steal a sign, another will be purchased. 

Also, there is video of the thieves.  Houses do have security cameras.  

Please respect other people's property.  I have lived here for most of my life and am truly saddened by this behavior in Amarillo.  

Beto Sign  Photo by O'Rourke Campaign

Beto Sign

Photo by O'Rourke Campaign

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