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Rosser: Dan Johnson to Present 'Operation Hemingway'

Article by Trent Rosser

If you never heard of Dan Johnson or the song “Hemingway”, then you soon will. Rick Looby Homes proudly presents Dan Johnson's “Operation Hemingway” this Thursday at West 34th and Hope Road. Starting at 6 pm Dan Johnson will be showcasing his newest album, called “Hemingway.” “Operation Hemingway” is a part of a national tour benefiting communities in the fight against veteran suicide. All the proceeds will be staying in Amarillo.

I had a chance to sit down and listen to the title track from the album also entitled “Hemingway”. This song can bring tears to your eyes. It is about a young man who joins the military and must deal with the personal demons after he comes home with missing limbs and a purple heart. The album itself is a collection of Mr. Johnson's personal experience with veteran suicide and his own personal demons. He is raising veteran suicide awareness through his excellent songwriting and music. His distinctive voice along with his powerful message will cause you to think about the issues that veterans are faced with when they come home. His song writing style reminds me of Steve Earl song “Johnny come lately” with his dedication to the armed servicemen.

Dan Johnson “Hemingway” was released just a few days ago and is available at  You can find more information on Dan Johnson at and Operation Hemingway at Remember, it was not too long ago that a veteran needed help and took his life at the steps of the VA. Let's not let that happen again. Support our troops there overseas and the ones that have come home. Just because they are home, does not mean that they are okay.

As I said before, It takes courage and strength of a warrior to ask for help. If you or someone you know is in an emotional crisis, Please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) and press 1 for Veterans.

Dan Johnson  Photo by Dan Johnson Music

Dan Johnson

Photo by Dan Johnson Music

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