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In Race for Governor, Mark Tippetts Looks to Work With Texans

One candidate for governor is looking to stand up to the federal government while working with Texans to solve critical problems at home.

Mark Tippetts, an attorney and former Lago Vista city councilman, is the Libertarian Party's nominee for governor. Originally born in Mexico, Tippetts believes that his deep ties to Mexico and Central America will help him solve problems and be a much-needed communicator on international issues for Texans.

"I have known the issues between Mexico and the United States my whole life," Tippetts says. "I will be able to relate to both sides."

A bilingual attorney, Tippetts has worked as a legal and business consultant for companies and individuals doing business in Central America and Mexico. Throughout his business career, the Libertarian has established and operated several companies including a hydro electric plant in Belize and a law firm in Mexico. Tippetts also sports a campaign team with strong Libertarian credentials. Among Tippett's campaign supporters and advisers are former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson, former railroad commission nominee Mark Miller and International Society for Individual Liberty chair, Dr. Mary Ruwart.

Looking ahead at his platform, Tippetts says that he plans to work to get the Texas government out of the private sector, in order to let the market flourish. Tippetts says that tax breaks for companies relocating to Texas only hurt companies doing business in the Lone Star State. The Libertarian also plans to support the legalization of marijuana in Texas.

However, one of the Libertarian's biggest platform issues is standing up to the federal government. Tippetts believes that one of the biggest issues that will face Texas is President Donald Trump's proposed plan to build a wall along the United States/Mexico border. The Libertarian says that, while he cannot control what states like New Mexico, California and Arizona do, he want to protect the private property rights of Texans.

"We have to stand up to the massive federal incursions that will take place if Trump continues pushing for a wall along the border," Tippetts says. "The way it affects Texas is through eminent domain and the taking of private land. Are we willing to give up our sovereign property rights just because Donald Trump wants a wall?"

While Tippetts opposes Trump's border wall push, he does believe that he will be a representative for disenfranchised Republicans looking for a candidate that agrees with their beliefs.

"In North Texas, we believe solidly in our right to keep and bear arms," Tippetts says. "With what has been going on lately, there is no doubt in my mind that Democrats will take that right away. However, the proposals of Governor Abbott scare me just as much as the Democrats do on the Second Amendment."

Tippetts says that he does not support Governor Greg Abbott's proposed gun safety plan and views it as a violation of the Second Amendment.

"I take the Second Amendment literally," Tippetts says. "The Founding Fathers did not envision infringements on the Second Amendment because it's a 'common sense' infringement."

However, while Tippetts is facing the heavily-funded incumbent Abbott and former Dallas County sheriff Lupe Valdez, he believes that his vision for Texans to be in control of what happens in Austin will best suit Texans of all walks of life.

"I don't have all the answers but I will work for the 'we,' not the 'I,'" Tippetts says. "I think the rights of Texans will be better protected by someone who will stand up and say 'enough is enough' to the federal government. That's the kind of governor that I will be."

If you would like to find out more about Mark Tippetts, please visit his campaign website at

Photo by Tippetts Campaign

Photo by Tippetts Campaign

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