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Amarillo City Council to Purchase Property for Firehouse

Members of the Amarillo City Council will be discussing the possible purchase of property on Tuesday that could be used for the building of a new firehouse.

According to an agenda posted to, the City Council is considering whether or not to approve the purchase of property located at 2035 Paramount Boulevard at a cost of $631,000. If the City Council approves the purchase, the property will be used as a future location for Fire Station #9. Officials with the Amarillo Fire Department wrote in a memo to the Amarillo City Council that the current fire station, located at 34th Avenue and Western, was constructed in 1958 and has outdated utility systems and is difficult for fire trucks to pull into.

Funds for the fire station's relocation will come from the general obligation bonds issued by the Amarillo City Council after voters approved two propositions for the sale of the bonds in 2016.

The seller of the property is the Roy Dyer Family Limited Partnership.

Also during the meeting, the City Council will discuss an application for a rate decrease from Atmos and multiple rezoning and purchasing ordinances.

The meeting will be held in the Council Chambers of Amarillo City Hall (509 Southeast 7th Avenue) on Tuesday, March 13th. The meeting will begin at 5pm, following a work session at 3:30pm.

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Photo by Extra Alarm

Photo by Extra Alarm

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