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Elderly Potter County Voters Receive Invalid Voting Applications from Candidates

Some voters over the age of 65 in Potter County were victim to invalid vote by mail applications earlier this month.

Melynn Huntley, elections administrator for Potter County, told the Amarillo Pioneer that some Potter County voters over the age of 65 years sent in incorrect vote-by-mail applications earlier this month that had to be rejected by the office. Huntley said that the applications are commonly sent to voters pre-filled by candidates or political action committees that claim to need only a signature. In this instance, however, some of the applications were invalid for various reasons.

Huntley told the Amarillo Pioneer that some of the applications did not have a party marked, meaning that the voter just registered for November's general elections. Other applications did not have an "annual application" mark, meaning that voters who sent in those applications would only be applied to vote in the primary election by mail and not in any resulting runoffs or the November general election.

However, voters who were affected by this were given the right materials.

"We sent these voters a letter of rejection for the March primary along with a new ballot application," Huntley said.

If you are over the age of 65 and plan to vote by mail, Huntley would like to remind you that "not all ballot applications are created equal" and that you should always check to make sure you have your application completely filled out.

For information about voting in Potter County, please visit

Photo by Delmarva Public Radio

Photo by Delmarva Public Radio

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