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Meet the Libertarians Running for President in 2020

While many eyes will be on the Democratic Party’s primary contest in 2020, there is another race that has already started for one party’s nomination.

Following the 2016 presidential contest, which saw Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson’s crush the party’s previous record for national vote totals, members of the Libertarian Party are excited and hopeful for 2020. Multiple candidates have already thrown their hats in the ring to run for the White House in 2020, with several other potential candidates on the way.

Here are a few of the Libertarian Party’s 2020 contenders, with information coming from press releases and more provided by the campaigns to the Amarillo Pioneer:

Please note: Other candidates may also be announced, but did not provide their information to the Pioneer by the publication deadline. Thank you to Kerry McKennon for assisting in putting these profiles together.

Adam Kokesh

Kokesh/Photo by Campaign

Kokesh/Photo by Campaign

Adam Kokesh is a decorated military veteran, who served during the Iraq War. Kokesh has also hosted radio and television programs, and has built a YouTube channel that has posted over 60 million views.

In the political sphere, Kokesh has been a vocal supporter of the legalization of cannabis. Kokesh’s campaign says he has been arrested over three dozen times for protesting, smoking cannabis, not smoking cannabis, cursing, and filming on a sidewalk. Kokesh has penned a book, “FREEDOM!”, and is currently planning to distribute a copy of his book to every residential mailbox in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Kokesh is running on a platform of creating a “Finally Free America.”

Ben Leder

Leder/Photo by Campaign

Leder/Photo by Campaign

Ben Leder is an entrepreneur and lifelong resident of Texas.

His campaign says he is a “staunch advocate” for liberty and has been formally involved with Libertarian Party politics since 2016. Leder is building his campaign on breaking away from traditional media, and working with alternative media sources like podcasters, bloggers, and more.

Some of the issues in Leder’s 2020 platform include modernizing education, restoring the Second Amendment, and supporting open market healthcare.

Arvin Vohra

Vohra/Photo by Campaign

Vohra/Photo by Campaign

Arvin Vohra is the former vice chair of the national Libertarian Party, and is the founder of a private education company, Vohra Method. Vohra is also a published author.

Vohra is running on a platform ending the welfare state, abolishing the federal income tax, and cutting military spending. Vohra also says he wants to open borders, get government out of education, and pardon non-violent criminals.

Daniel Behrman

Behrman/Photo by Campaign

Behrman/Photo by Campaign

Dan “Taxation is Theft” Behrman is a software engineer, entrepreneur, and speaker on economics and government. Behrman’s campaign says he has a record of spending his life searching for flaws in government systems and operations. Behrman says he believes the government was founded only with the permission of the people it serves, so it should be a servant to the people. Behrman says he will stop the cycle of politicians only running to serve their own desires.

Behrman is running on a platform of ending the income tax and the IRS, erasing the national debt, freeing healthcare from restrictive laws, and stopping the government from controlling people’s bodies.

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