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Rosser's Ramblings: George the Ghost

By Trent Rosser

Last week we ran the article I wrote last year for Halloween. I talked about Tonya Trimble and Palo Duro Paranormal. The group focus on paranormal investigations. With 23 years of combined experience and a wide array of scientific equipment, the team strive to help with questions about the unknown and situations they are experiencing. Some have seen reality shows with the same theme. Ghost Adventures, Expedition Unknown, and Ghost Hunters, just to name a few. I had a chance to sit down with Tonya and talk with her about what has been going on since last year with the group.

Tonya and the group have been very busy. More investigations throughout the year has kept the group going all over the state and even into Oklahoma. She informed me that they have new equipment this year also. They have new EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena) is a device that can detect spirit sounds and words. They also have a Full Spectrum camera, which recently captured a figure walking across a doorway when no one was really there. Could it have been a ghost of the past? It is a very good possibility. One of the new pieces of equipment is what they call the “Boo Bear”. It is just a teddy bear that has an extra sensitive EMP built into it. They use it mainly to try to talk to ghost of children.

Have they talked to any ghost, you ask? Yes, they have, and they do have the pictures and recording to prove it. Or at least it could be really ghost? She did send me a copy of the man walking across the doorway that she captured on EVP. It looks like it could be a ghost. Palo Duro Paranormal strives to help people out when they are experiencing the unknown. So when there is something strange in the neighbor, don't call Ghostbusters, call Tonya and the rest of the Palo Duro Paranormal.

Keeping on the same subject and especially since it is almost Halloween, there is something that has me worried - ghosts in my house and at my wife’s place of employment. She works in a building downtown. She has to do checks on the property every now and then and make sure all the lights are off in the offices. On one of the floors, she dreads it. Every time the elevator doors open, the hairs on her arms immediately stand on end. She swears that she has seen someone on that floor when no one is around. Recently, she took a picture on her phone while it was dark. What is really scary is that in the picture, you can clearly see a woman standing right by the elevator. You can make out a body, a head, a arm, but no legs. There is also a weird shadow right in front of her. There is also a mirror on the wall and no reflection of the figure in that mirror. It could be a lot of things, but it really looks like a ghost just waiting patiently. Just thinking about it makes my hairs stand up.

There is also a ghost that has been in our house for quite some time. When we first got married, we moved into a house in the San Jacinto area. I was lucky enough at the time to be able to work from home, but it was overnights. My wife worked during the day so I would be in my office and she would be in the bedroom asleep. One night, at about 2 A.M., my wife starts screaming like crazy. I could tell by the scream, that something was terribly wrong. I ran in there and flipped on the lights. He face was white as a sheet. She explained that while she was sleeping she felt that someone was watching her. She opened her eyes and there was a man in his late 40’s to early 50’s with a beard and a baseball cap just staring at her. When she screamed, he disappeared. It was also this time that our grandson was very little. He would come over and stand in the living room and laugh and point into the bedroom when nothing was there. He would make his presence known all the time, but nothing too scary. Also, that Halloween, we had a couple of kids come to our door trick or treating. One of the kids asked, “Is George still here?” we told her that George doesn’t live there anymore. Her reply shocked and scared us both. “No, I used to live here. George is the ghost that stays in the front bedroom.”

From that day on, we have a ghost named George. He has not hurt anyone or scared anyone besides that first time with my wife, but he has defiantly made his presence known more than once.

My wife were in bed one night and we were just about asleep. Suddenly, the bedroom door slams and there was something that hit the door hard. It sounded like a fist or a rock hitting the bedroom door after it slammed. I immediately grabbed the flashlight and took off out of the room looking for someone that might have been in the house. No one was in the house and no one was outside the house. We could not have figured out why the door slammed in the first place. It was kind of scary! Then the time when I started to aggravate George. Again, we were in bed and my wife and I were talking about “George the ghost”. I was saying that I did not believe that he was there and that there is a reasonable explanation to everything that has happened. When I said something in the area of “Come on out George!!” A small potty chair for toddlers came flying from the top of the closes to my side of the bed. Again, I was up with a flashlight and looking around. The potty chair was securely up on the top shelf and should not have come down for any reason, even if it did come down, it should have come straight down and not towards the bed! I do not aggravate George any longer.

This Halloween remember to be safe and watch out for little ghost and goblins walking the streets looking for treats. Just about everyone has a good ghost story and this is the time to share the stories with friends. Tell your story, but be aware, do not aggravate the ghost. In the meantime, I have to go into the grandkids room to see what made his toy fall over. No one is here but me, the wife and the dogs. I tried to send in Hunter the dog, but he is too scared! Maybe I will send my wife to check it out while I hid under the covers!

Photo by PixBay

Photo by PixBay

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