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Candidate Comparison: Potter County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2

Taylor vs. Griego

Potter County Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2

Over the past year, we have been asking candidates running for various local and statewide offices to answer questions for our Voter Guide. While full responses will be coming this weekend, we are offering you shortened versions in “Candidate Comparisons” ahead of the November election. Each response below came directly from the candidate’s questionnaire and are unedited.

Robert Taylor.png

Robert Taylor (Republican)

Why did you decide to run for office?

“I observed some ethical issues that are incompatible with the office, the lack of availability of the Judge not only in the office but when called out. The principle of brokering ones responsibilities to other County JP's is not what one should be elected to do. I believe and intend to instill Ethical, Fair, Impartial and availability coupled with dignity for all citizens to the Office of JP2.”

Why are you the most qualified candidate for this position?

“I am a Master Police Officer Licensed by the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement. My over 34 years experience in Law Enforcement from the local area, From Amarillo PD, Potter County Sheriff Office, Airport Police, Officer at Amarillo College and Lake Tanglewood has given me the ability to work with the many aspects of the Criminal Justice system and the diverse make up of the community. I believe I have the earned the Trust and Integrity of those around me and would instill the "Spirit of the Law" in the JP 2 Office.”

How will you best represent the community that elected you?

“My number one goal would be working with the other three Justice's of the Peace in order to have a smooth operation in the entire County. It is not just about me but the citizens of Precinct 2 and Potter County. Our image throughout the country is also on display by having 2 interstate highways passing thru the County. Allowing access to the Office by being available and handling my own work load in an ethical way with Integrity and Fairness for all who I come in contact with.”

Claudia Griego.png

Claudia Griego (Democratic)

Why did you decide to run for office?

“This is something I have considered doing for several years. I am a lifelong resident of Precinct 2 and feel we have not been properly represented in the past. I am very interested in the judicial system and very passionate about helping people and know that I can best relate to the people of my community.”

Why are you the most qualified candidate for this position?

“As mentioned previously, I have 20 years hands on experience working with various courts on a daily basis. I track cases from their probable cause stage to completion of the cases. I work closely with the clerk's, prosecutors offices, judge's offices, attorneys and law enforcement while maintaining personal relationships with the citizen's of all communities and walk's of life.”

How will you best represent the community that elected you?

“My passion is not a position, my passion is helping people and I know that I can best relate to the people of my precinct. I am nonpartisan and compassionate yet firm when need be. I want to follow in stride with the great leaders of my precinct and help elevate East & Northeast Amarillo to be a more inclusive and productive community.”

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