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Trendsetter: Craig Gualtiere Keeps Coffee Local at Roasters

The following is the first in a series of "Trendsetter" articles, showcasing Amarillo's business owners and how they are keeping business local.

Roasters Coffee & Tea is well-known around Amarillo and business owner Craig Gualtiere has spent 24 years innovating to make it one of the finest coffee shops in Amarillo. Gualtiere purchased the shop in 1998 after working as a barista. Gualtiere has since built the shop into two different locations with customers from all over Amarillo.

"I started working at Roasters 24 years ago as a barista." Gualtiere told The Amarillo Pioneer, "The original owner sold Roasters to Dale Snyder and he had it for two years and it came to the point where I ran it and he asked me if I wanted to buy it. I begged and borrowed and stole and I took ownership of the company on October 1, 1998."

Gualtiere purchased the company after being elected to the Randall County Commission in March of 1998. Gualtiere credits Don Powell and the First National Bank with helping him obtain a loan to purchase Roasters.

"Don Powell and First National gave me a shot and I haven't looked back."

Since purchasing Roasters, Gualtiere has tried to keep Roasters local by buying from local companies. Gualtiere has also developed long lasting relationships with his customers and business owners in the area.

"I work direct with local business owners," Gualtiere said, "It's like Panhandle Fencing and Staining just stained the fence at my house. He's a customer of mine. I do business with people who do business with me."

Roasters success can be credited to three things, according to Gualtiere: the best staff, the best product and the best pricing are what keeps Roasters popular with his customers.

On success, Gualtiere advises local business owners and aspiring business owners to do business by the golden rule.

"I've always lived by it," Gualtiere said, "Whether it's personally, professionally or spiritually, treat other people as you want to be treated. When I say I'm going to do something I do it. I try to make things right."

Gualtiere's can-do attitude and superior staff are what keeps people coming back to Roasters.

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