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Trendsetter: Sandra McCartt Keeps Integrity Alive at Professional Search

Sandra McCartt knows the importance of integrity. And she is keeping that trait alive at Professional Search.

"I started Professional Search because I thought there was a better way to provide a service to my clients than the company I was working for at the time." McCartt told The Amarillo Pioneer, "My mantra has always been, 'don't gripe about it if you don't like it . If you think there is a better way put your money where your mouth is and hang out your own shingle.'"

McCartt started the business years ago and has since been providing Amarillo with quality professional recruitment services for nearly 40 years. McCartt says that the job has been tough but it has been worth it.

"At this point after 40 years of making my business work through boom times and bust times, I think I may have had the right idea." McCartt said, "Owning your own business is not a 9 to 5 job."

McCartt's business services cities all across America, but her roots have always been in Amarillo, Texas. And while working in Amarillo, McCartt has developed a relationship with this city and those who love it.

"I placed a young lady last month who is the third generation of her family that I have worked with to help with career transition." McCartt said, "When your grand dad tells you to contact us for career assistance or to help you find a key employee for your business it doesn't get much better than that."

For future success, McCartt advises aspiring business owners to work hard and be humble in business.

"My advice to anyone who wants to start their own business is: come early, stay late, don't try and be a big shot before you know how to be a small success." McCartt said, "There are only two ways to do business, Honest and Dishonest. There is not gray area or situation ethics in business."

As for Sandra McCartt, she will continue to keep honesty, integrity and ethics alive at Professional Search.

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