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Local REALTORS PAC Gives to Elaine Hays After Conclusion of Election

The Amarillo Association of REALTORS is reporting a $2,000 expense to Elaine Hays' campaign for City Council following the conclusion of the May 6th election.

The Association of REALTORS' most recent finance report - filed on July 10 - shows a $2,000 expense made to Elaine Hays to "offset her campaign expenses after the election." No more details are given on the contribution's listing other than the contribution was given more than a month after the conclusion of the election, on June 15th.

Denise Price, treasurer for the political action committee, did not elaborate on what the expense was for other than saying, "It was just a contribution to Elaine Hays for her campaign." When asked if the contribution was for a loan payment, Price did not elaborate.

The contribution was listed in a report to the Texas Ethics Commission as an assistance of an officeholder and not as a contribution to a campaign.

According to a campaign finance report filed by Elaine Hays eight days before the city council election, her campaign had no outstanding loans and still had $8,755.35 on hand.

Councilmember Hays did not return our requests for comment.

The Amarillo Association of REALTORS reported supporting Ginger Nelson for mayor and Freda Powell, Eddy Sauer and Howard Smith for City Council. The Association of REALTORS did not report supporting Elaine Hays during the election.

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