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Governor Vetoes Bills by Price, Smithee

Governor Greg Abbott vetoed 50 bills yesterday, including bills by local State Representatives Four Price and John Smithee.

Governor Abbott vetoed HB 2463 and HB 2943, both of which carried Price as an author.

HB 2463 related to a requirement that state agencies develop written succession plans. Price was the sole author of the bill, with State Senator Bryan Hughes sponsoring.

HB 2943 carried Price as one of four co-authors. That bill related to the use of money in the state water pollution control revolving fund.

Governor Abbott also vetoed SB 670 which Price was co-sponsoring. That bill related to the appointment of the commissioners of the health and human services agencies by the governor.

Governor Abbott vetoed HB 2783 by Representative John Smithee. That bill related to the assessment of litigation costs and attorney fees in certain lawsuits under the public information law.

The Governor also vetoed a bill that was co-sponsored by Smithee. Governor Abbott vetoed SB 667, which related to the establishment of a guardianship compliance program.

While the governor vetoed bills by Price and Smithee, he signed several bills by the legislators. Governor Abbott has signed 33 bills that are either authored or sponsored by Price and 30 bills that are authored or sponsored by Smithee.

To see a full list of bills that have been vetoed or signed by Governor Abbott, please go to

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