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Animal Safety: Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe During the Summer

As hot temperatures hit the Texas Panhandle, The Amarillo Pioneer wants to remind you to keep your pets safe.

Animal Management & Welfare director Richard Havens says that residents need to be proactive in making sure that their animals have shelter and the necessities if they are going to be outdoors.

"What people need to do is to make sure that water is available at all times," Havens said, "Animals also need a break or shelter from the elements."

Havens also says that people need to be aware of hot pavement. During high temperatures, pavement rapidly heats up. Pet owners need to be aware of this to make sure that hot pavement and concrete are not burning their pet's feet.

Summer pet safety also means being proactive against leaving pets in vehicles during the summer. In 5 minutes, the temperature inside of a parked vehicle can steadily rise. Havens says that pet owners are cautioned never to leave pets inside of vehicles during the summer.

Pet owners must also be aware of ticks and heart-worms. Yearly flea and tick treatment and heart-worm preventives are strongly recommended by Havens.

For more information about pet safety and Animal Management and Welfare, please visit

Photo by Stractest

Photo by Stractest

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