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Friday Voting Breaks 2017 Record

Amarillo voters made a statement on Friday, by making Friday the highest day of turnout thus far during early voting.

In Potter County, 499 voters cast ballots on Friday. Randall County fared even better with 896 ballots cast. The days with the closest turnout were April 24th for Potter County and April 25th for Randall. On the 24th, 450 voters cast ballots in Potter County and on the 25th, 786 voters cast ballots in Randall County.

Although the counties are reporting these totals, this does not mean that all of the votes listed are for Amarillo races. Some votes may have also been cast for the Canyon City Commission races, the Lake Tanglewood races, or any of the area school board races.

For more information about voter turnout please visit for Potter County and for Randall County.

Photo by the Houston Chronicle

Photo by the Houston Chronicle

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