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Other Regional Elections

River Road ISD Board Election

o    Brian Shannon

o    Bobby Clark

o    Dana Finley

o    Amanda Brown

o    Jimmy Carrillo

Highland Park ISD Board Election

o    Jose "Joe" Garcia

o    Brad Lee

o    Kim Matheson

o    Becky Morris

o    Shawn Read

o    Cheri Mann

o    Amy K. Walton

o    Tonya Detten

Bushland ISD Board Election

o    Tracy D. Jennings

o    Holly Jeffreys

o    Colby Butcher

o    James Gillenwaters

o    Justin Adams

o    Bradd Morgan

o    Trenton D. Garza

o    Shell Stewart

The Village of Lake Tanglewood Election


o    Don Carver


o    George F. Moore

o    John Teague

o    William J. (Jim) Rogers

o    James T. Brown

o    Robert J. Hulsey

o    D.J. Powers

o    Charla Rose

Photo by Delmarva Public Radio

Photo by Delmarva Public Radio

Planning and Zoning Commission to Meet

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