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Animal Management & Welfare to Hold Community Meetings

The Amarillo Department of Animal Management and Welfare will be hosting several community meetings, beginning next week.

According to, Animal Management and Welfare will be hosting the community meetings regarding proposed ordinances. These ordinances would amend the Amarillo Municipal Code Chapter 8-2 that deals with animals and fowl.

The public meetings will be held at two Amarillo Public Library locations and will include presentations from department staff over the six proposed changes. During the meetings, the Animal Management and Welfare staff will be collecting input from concerned citizens regarding the proposed ordinance changes.

The Animal Management and Welfare Advisory Board has considered the ordinances and unanimously approved the ordinance changes.The Department has also received letters in support of the ordinance changes from the Amarillo Bi-City-County Health District and the Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society Board of Directors.

The first community meeting will be held at the North Branch Amarillo Public Library (1500 Northeast 24th Avenue) on Monday, March 6th. The meeting will begin 7pm and will run until 8pm.

The second community meeting will be held at the Downtown Branch Amarillo Public Library (413 East 4th Avenue) on Tuesday, March 7th. The meeting will begin at 12pm and will run until 1pm.

For more information about the meetings, please visit

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